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Trilateral or bilateral turret forklift trucks, also referred to as narrow aisle forklifts trucks, are tools for use in confined spaces (of between 1,450 and 1,750 mm). These forklifts have a maximum lift height of over 14-15 meters. This enhances the equipment’s repository capability significantly.

These forklifts are available in new and used conditions – one of the suppliers being Sun Equipment; you can check their complete inventory range on their website at:

What exactly are Narrow Aisle Forklifts?

Considerations must be made for the limits of turret vehicles. They first need a very level floor in the warehouse to move about. As discussed later in this article, they must also be wire-directed, laser-guided, or guided using rails installed on either side of the aisle, just like LGVs.

Additionally, these forklifts avoid turning in the aisle. Instead, the forks are responsible for making the movements required to hold up or place the pallets. This is why these devices were created to operate in depository aisles. Outside of this area, actions must be kept to a minimum because they are slow.

Narrow aisle forklifts do not need to leave the aisle because they can pick up or drop off the pallets in front of the racking units using other transportation trucks or conveyors, frequently used as additional elements. Narrow aisle forklifts have a rotating head that can pick up and place cargo on each side of the aisle and in front, and they can also spin to support the forks in different directions.

To get hands-on with such forklifts, you can trust Sun Equipment to supply you with high-quality gear for all your equipment handling needs, whether you are searching for a recently used forklift or a forklift that has been repaired, or an older forklift that has only been lightly utilized.

To meet the unique requirements of each of our customers, they purchase and retail a variety of high-quality, pre-owned forklifts. Sun Equipment stands for a commitment to high-quality commodities and contentment assurance.

When you go through our selection of used electric forklifts, you are choosing to get a great deal on practically brand new forklifts! They ensure that their vast, varied collection will meet your specific demands. Demonstrate the derivative you require to enhance regular operations and maintain the efficiency of your company.

Sun Equipment Claims!

Below are the reasons why you should be choosing Sun Equipment for your Narrow Aisle Forklifts for your next project.

  • Their costs are affordable
  • They provide a large spectrum of trademarks to choose from
  • They stand behind their products
  • They provide nationwide delivery
  • To fit your financial situation, they provide financing as well


If you have any questions about narrow aisle forklifts and other products, their financing, or related inventories, then you may contact Sun Equipment. Their used forklifts for sale come with a money-back guarantee if they don’t meet your unique business requirements. You can learn more about forklifts and how using a second-hand forklift can help your business by reading their blog.


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