Freight Forwarding: Common Means of Transportation


Freight forwarding refers to shipping, importing, or exporting goods and products internationally in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner. However, making international trade in traditional ways is very difficult, hectic, and expensive. 

There are tons of complications and hundreds of ways for it to go wrong. This is why people need to hire Amazon FBA freight forwarding services in order to ensure that their international business goes well. Amazon FBA freight forwarding is good for you for basically three reasons:

  • It makes international trading easy
  • It helps you save time
  • It helps you save money

There are many ways of transportation that you can go for, depending on your business. Typically, amazon freight forwarders, like FBA freight forwarding experts, will tell you which means of transportation best suits your business needs. 

Typically, the following means are most widely used. 

  • Ground Shipping 

Amazon’s supply chains consist of extensive ground shipping operations. This type of shipping is usually performed with the help of trucks or trains. In Europe, trains are usually more common than trucks as shipment transportation means. 

The best thing about this way is that it enables your goods to pass and navigate through intricate routes and reach Amazon distribution centers as easily and quickly as possible. It is typically more expensive than sea freight and less expensive than air freight. 

  • Sea Shipping 

What makes sea shipping better than other shipment methods is its capacity for importing and exporting huge quantities of goods and products in cargo containers. The downside of sea shipping is that it’s very slow. 

However, it is the best because it is an affordable transportation method available to traders across the world. Depending on your needs, your shipping can either be Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Than Container Load (LCL).

  • Air Shipping 

Air shipping is the quickest but the most expensive of all. Also, you cannot export goods in bulk via air shipping. It is best if you need to urgently ship something of small quantity. 


As a trader, you can ship your goods through all sorts of means of transportation. However, figuring out which one suits you best may not be easy. Sometimes you may think shipment by sea is best for you, while your best option may be air shipment. 

So, you need the help of amazon FBA freight forwarders to figure that out. It will not only make your international trading easier but also reduce your shipping costs significantly. Becoming a pro amazon seller is very easy if one hires the right amazon FBA freight forwarders. 

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