Understanding the Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry


Selling on Amazon presents lucrative opportunities for business growth and revenue generation, but it also brings forth challenges and the imperative to safeguard Amazon’s venture.

According to a 2023 survey encompassing over 2,600 Amazon sellers, 52% have intentions to expand their business within the year. However, a considerable number have voiced apprehensions regarding potential risks to their operations, including:

Supplier competition: 20% harbour concerns about Chinese suppliers offering similar products at lower prices.

Hijacking: 33% are worried about the threat of hijackers or copycats infiltrating their listings.

Account status: 23% express anxieties about Amazon abruptly restricting or terminating their account and/or listings without apparent justification.

To mitigate these risks, sellers are advised to safeguard their brand by registering their trademark with Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Now, getting back to the topic: what is Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Amazon’s Brand Registry is a specialised program provided by Amazon, aimed at authenticating the brand. It also offers benefits that non-registered brands do not have access to.

According to Amazon, “For brand owners, enrolling in the Brand Registry provides access to powerful tools to help protect trademarks, including proprietary text and image search and predictive automation.”

Amazon Brand Registry offers numerous advantages to brands that possess a registered trademark. However, it’s essential to clarify what these benefits entail for sellers.

Here are some of the advantages of Amazon’s Brand Registry:

  • Enhanced Control: Provides brand owners with greater authority over their listing content.
  • Brand Monitoring: Equips brands with a tool for monitoring their presence and reputation on Amazon.
  • Dedicated Support: Offers specialised internal teams to assist with rectifying incorrect listing contributions, managing variations, and handling IP infringement claims efficiently.
  • A+ Content: Grants access to Amazon A+ Content, enabling brands to enhance the quality of content displayed on their product listings.
  • Amazon Stores: Provides access to Amazon Stores, empowering brands to create personalised multi-page storefronts to promote their brand.
  • Sponsored Ads: Boosts visibility through advanced advertising tactics like Sponsored brand ads and Sponsored Display ads.
  • Amazon Live: Enables brands to engage with potential customers through live streaming sessions on Amazon.
  • Amazon Vine: Allows brands to participate in the Amazon Vine Program, facilitating the acquisition of verified product reviews.

However, registering a brand on Amazon will not:

  • Give control access to the brand or restrict other sellers from selling it
  • Enabling to whitelist or blacklist other sellers from distributing the brand.
  • Authorise individuals other than the seller, the brand proprietor, to lodge infringement claims against other sellers.

Benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry

There are a lot of perks and benefits that come with registering a brand on Amazon. 

After joining Brand Registry, a seller can navigate to the Brands section on the main menu of Seller Central and explore various displays, including:

  • Brand Analytics
  • Manage Experiments 
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Engagement
  • Virtual Bundles
  • Brand Referral Bonus
  • Build a Brand

Here are other benefits of Amazon’s Brand Registry:

  • Brand protection

Investing time in obtaining a registered trademark highlights the importance of protecting one’s brand. Fortunately, the brand registry provides a robust defence mechanism, serving as a primary tool for safeguarding products.

Through the brand registry, businesses gain the ability to protect intellectual property and content on Amazon. A dedicated internal team stands ready to assist with:

  • Reporting any infringements within the marketplace, including instances of product review manipulations and complaints from customers regarding product descriptions.
  • Highlighting any discrepancies in the listings, such as inaccurate product details, variations, or blocked listings.
  • Initiating or withdrawing claims related to intellectual property infringement.
  • Notifying Amazon of any technical glitches affecting the loading of the product listings or Seller Central homepage operations.
  • Pursuing the escalation of previously filed claims as needed.

Moreover, the brand registry allows tracking of all ongoing cases associated with the aforementioned issues and escalates them when required.

Project Zero, a component of the Brand Registry, aims to eliminate counterfeit products. Brands will also be able to remove counterfeit listings instantly without having to contact Amazon.

  • A+ Content Access

Among all other features of Amazon’s Brand Registry, A+ Content Manager is one of the best. The A+ Content Manager can be accessed by going to the Advertising navigation tab in Seller Central.

Improving brand content allows for the incorporation of additional elements such as text, images, infographics, and unique modules into product listings, extending beyond basic plain-text product descriptions.

In essence, this elevates the appearance of the listing to a significantly more professional level.

  • Engaged customers

Brand registration also unlocks exclusive features that differentiate the brand from others.

Amazon Storefronts enhance the brand’s credibility and provide added value; they mimic traditional e-commerce websites, typically consisting of multiple pages with headers, footers, and various content tiles.

An advantage of having an Amazon Store is the absence of competitor product distractions. Plus, the process of creating a store is straightforward, requiring no specialised skills. 

Amazon simplifies the creation of content such as storefronts. The option is available to either pick from the available templates or begin from a blank canvas.

When opting for a template, users just need to input the relevant details and media to initiate the store-building process.

While constructing the store, it’s important to preview both the desktop and mobile views to guarantee everything appears properly for customers. Users can rearrange the tile blocks as needed, adding, editing, or removing them until they achieve the desired layout.

  •  Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brands appear as prominent headline ads at the top of Amazon search results, offering another way to engage with customers.

These ads can be leveraged to enhance brand discovery, allowing brands to tailor messaging to shape how shoppers perceive the brand. As customers are actively searching for products, Sponsored Brands provide an effective means to capture their attention.

Upon clicking the brand name or logo, customers are directed straight to the storefront, while clicking on the product leads them directly to the product page.

Similar to standard ads, charges are incurred for each click made by Amazon shoppers on the ads.

  • Amazon Live Creator

Amazon Live enables brands to engage with customers directly by adding interactive videos to their brand strategy.

This feature of Amazon Brand Registry allows sellers to share their brand story, helping them reach more shoppers.

The option to utilise live stream video to showcase the functionality of products or engage in live chat with potential customers to address any inquiries they may have is available.

  • Customer insights

To reach customers effectively, it’s essential to understand the customer base and leverage all the benefits of the Brand Registry.

Understanding the metrics of the customer base will ultimately shape decisions on whether and how to utilise each of the available tools and services.

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Brand Registry is a lifesaver for sellers who want to protect their brand from counterfeit products on the platform.

Amazon offers multiple advanced tools, advertising options, and greater control over product listings through the Brand Registry.

Get in touch with Amazon Brand Registry Australia and seize the opportunity to register the brand on Amazon today! The agency’s Amazon Seller Management Services will guide the seller through everything he needs to know.

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