Tips To Keep In Mind While Shipping Your Vehicle To Columbia, South Carolina


Columbia, the state capital and largest city of South Carolina has been named after the explorer, Christopher Columbus. The city features massive oak trees, pecan groves, and magnolia that shares a classic aesthetic appeal of South Carolina.

Shifting your car to Columbia

Most of the professionals moving to Columbia enjoy the low cost of living. The affordable housing prices will leave more room in your wallet to enjoy the high-standard lifestyle.

Moreover, traffic is very manageable in Columbia since the population is just over 135,000. Hence, there’s no reason to leave behind your car. Therefore, take the services of a reliable auto shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc. that will help you deliver your car to Columbia. The company has been delivering vehicles all across the US for more than 30 years gaining the trust and reliability of its clients.

You will get professional transport coordinators who will be in touch with you right from the quote till the final delivery of your vehicle in Columbia. Whether you are shipping your vehicle to Columbia or purchasing or selling a car online that needs to be delivered to Columbia, you will get the best transport service with Ship A Car.

Talk to their representative to speak with their shipping specialist and get an immediate quote from their online vehicle shipping cost calculator. Book your shipment and get your vehicle safely to Columbia.

Tips to keep in mind

While transporting your vehicle to Columbia, SC, keep these tips in mind.


Make sure that the shipping company you choose should have insurance as this is the only way to know that your car is covered in case of any mishap.

GPS tracking

Most of the shipping companies follow the latest technology options like GPS tracking which can provide you with information about your car at all times.

Paying deposit

Once you sign the contract only then pay the deposit. Good reliable companies take initial payment only after you have agreed to assign your vehicle to the assigned carrier. Final payment is made only after your vehicle is safely unloaded in Columbia, you inspect it thoroughly and sign the Bill of Lading to accept your delivery.

Special discounts for car shipping in Columbia

Reputed car shipping companies give a special discount to military personnel who shift their base to Columbia from any part of the US. The same goes for clients including students and senior citizens.

There are seasonal price reductions., multi-car discounts, offer on first-time service, and more. If you are a citizen who is moving to South Carolina for vacations during winter and want your car to be shipped, then you may also qualify for snowbird discounts.

Long-distance car transport to Columbia

Distance is a major factor that can affect your costs. The farther you transport your car to Columbia, the more expensive it will be.

You can reduce the bill by driving your car to a terminal and picking it up from one place in South Carolina that is nearer to Columbia. You can also use an open carrier and take advantage of season discounts.

Discuss all the options with your shipping company for a safe and reliable car shipping experience to Columbia.

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